Abstract, Classical & Contemporary Art * new styles * Large artwork

participating artist - margie barker

Margie Barker is inspired by her love of the land.  



See more of Esther's work here.

participating artist - don Darst

 Original Oil paintings having an old world tonal quality with harmonious color, peaceful mood, and engaging scenery. 

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participating artist - Eric harrison

"My art is the result of my thoughts and Feelings about the place  where I live.  Freedom, imagination, and encounter with nature are the source from which these visions are realized."

participating artist - robert harrison

Robert Harrison is recognized as an exceptional artist whose classical style portrays Texas Hill Country so expertly and in such a realistic manner that people often comment that they feel like they are standing in that field or walking down the lane portrayed in the paintings.

Participating Artist - Mark S Holly

Digital Artist - HDR Realism to Impressionism & Abstract

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participating artist - rex hausmann

 "For me, painting is the purest form of problem solving. I communicate through drawing and painting and sometimes words which I like to have fun with..." 

Participating Artist - Bob Lombardi

Can you feel the story? The energy? The connection?

Enter the interpretive world of abstract art with the dance of color that the incredible work that Bob Lombardi delivers.

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participating artist - shari sheldon


Hand fabricated wearable art working with different carat gold, platinum and the finest diamonds and gems.  See her work here.

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Participating Artist - Sharon Whisnand

Mixed Media & Encaustics

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participating artist - miles stovall


There is no subject matter that Miles is incapable of painting on canvas, however his strengths are definitely due to his play with light and color in both his still life and botanical paintings. Miles is also a master gardener and he incorporates his own garden into his work.

Miles expressly paints from the heart! The visions he has experienced firsthand throughout his lifetime of travel are expressed within his artwork.